Herbie can be used wherever goods need to be moved from one place to another. The concept is simple: Herbie stops at a station, picks the transport good and brings it to another station. Stations can be manual workstations, automated processing stations or existing conveyor modules. 

Transport Automation-Transportautomatisierung

Cost Efficiency

Herbie's operating costs are 0,4 €/km including electricity and maintenance.
Offering cost-efficient starting solutions, we reach payback times of far less than 2 years in most of our application cases.

Cost efficiency HERBIE


Cost efficiency worker


Plug & Play

Following the Plug & Play principle we enable our customers to install and reconfigure basic functionalities by themselves. This makes our clients more independent, flexible and helps them save money. When it comes to more complex applications we provide remote guidance or have experts that take care of deployment on site.

Plug & Play-Plug&Play HERBIE

Modularity enables Flexibility

You want to stay flexible in changing environments - not a problem! Through its modular composition Herbie can be customized in four dimensions:

Top Module, Height, Charging and Software

Modularität ermöglicht Flexibilität -
Modularität ermöglicht Flexibilität -
Modularität ermöglicht Flexibilität -
Modularität ermöglicht Flexibilität -

Intuitive User Interface

Our purpose is to make Industry 4.0 understandable and accessible for anybody. In our mobile web application we use minimalistic patterns, concise components and regular customer feedback to ensure an intuitive user experience.   

Intuitive Bedienbarkeit-


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Technical details

HERBIE Geschwindigkeit
Min. 0,2 m/s | Max. 1,0 m/s
HERBIE Navigation
Landmark based
Max. Payload
HERBIE Zuladung
600x800 mm
HERBIE Sicherheit