Carrybots is a German manufacturer of mobile robots for inhouse-logistics. The purpose of Carrybots GmbH is to enable companies to realise transport automation as easily and cost-effectively as possible through the use of mobile robots. In addition to the economic advantages that result from this, Carrybots convinces primarily through a high degree of modularity, flexibility and modern control software in their products.

  • March 2021
    Foundation of Carrybots GmbH
  • July 2020
    Safe driving with SICK
  • March 2018
    LogiMAT 2018
  • October 2017
    First prototype
  • September 2016
    The HERBIE Big Bang


Logo Schubert
Schubert Business Development GmbH is one of two parent companies of Carrybots GmbH. Schubert Business Development GmbH is owned by the Schubert Group, a global leader in packaging automation. The Schubert Group is a strategic partner of Carrybots GmbH.
Logo flexlog

Alongside Schubert Business Development GmbH, flexlog GmbH is the second parent company of Carrybots GmbH. flexlog GmbH is considered the initiator of the HERBIE project and was responsible for all developments of the AGV until the spin-off of Carrybots GmbH. flexlog is a supplier of control components for intralogistics and mainly provides Carrybots GmbH with electronic components.

Logo Gebhardt

Gebhardt Fördertechnik GmbH produces the hardware components for the automated guided vehicle HERBIE. Gebhardt offers comprehensive product and service solutions for transport and assembly systems as well as storage, sorting and distribution technology.

"The variety of activities at Carrybots excited me from day one! To build a complete robot from the smallest screw to the finished industrial product is a dream situation for a full-stack developer like me. I love the warm, respectful interaction within our development team, which is the strongest driver for progress due to the strong sense of "we" in our still young company."

Christian Telpl
Software Developer

"Relaxed working atmosphere and a flat hierarchy. The intern is regarded like a full-time employee. Everything is very close to hardware and you can choose your tasks, so you can always do what you're up for. The coffee is good, too."

Yoshua Frey
Software Developer

"The exciting tasks that take you across robotics and the opportunity to quickly implement ideas on your own responsibility make working at Carrybots very interesting and exciting. A humorous, friendly interaction is not neglected in the team and at various after-work events."

Vincent Braunstein
Software Developer

"At Carrybots, I particularly appreciate the positive and humorous way we work together. I like working with people from different areas to jointly manage the development of Herbie. Over time, you work in different areas and can learn a lot. And every month, the employer gives the employees a little surprise, which I think is great!"

Jeremias Trautmann
Software Developer

"Until such an AGV does its job, a very wide range of challenges has to be mastered, so you never get bored and there are always opportunities to learn something new. I also like the fact that we can set up our development tools according to our own preferences. The regular after-work events always promise a nice evening."

Artur Eckhart
Software Developer

"Anyone looking for new challenges and innovations is in good hands at Carrybots. The company offers start-up character with a young team and agile working methods in a future-oriented industry and yet the advantages of an established medium-sized company."

Fabian Marzinzik
Marketing Manager

„Individual responsibility is very important at carrybots. Nevertheless, you have a team that is right there to help you with any challenges or questions. I particularly like that. You have varied and exciting tasks with a young team and the after-work events are not neglected here either.“

Julia Hauser

Job Offer

Badische neueste Nachrichten: Startup aus Karlsruhe-
Badische neueste Nachrichten visits carrybots

The "Badische Neueste Nachrichten" visited the carrybots office and had a closer look at our automated guided vehicle (AGV) HERBIE. Read the full article to find out how they perceived the mobile robot and how the idea of HERBIE came about. [German only]

Ausgründung der Carrybots GmbH-
We did it!

We did it! We are proud to announce that Carrybots GmbH is now an official joint venture of flexlog GmbH and Gerhard Schubert GmbH Verpackungsmaschinen. From now Herbie will be developed and offered by carrybots.



Sick ScanGrid 2-
Safety thanks to scanGrid 2 from SICK

Personal safety and cost-efficiency are two principles that often contradict each other but that are essential when it comes to the design of AGV solutions. With the revolutionary scanGrid2 by SICK, we manage to combine these two principles in our AGV HERBIE without compromise. We are proud to be one of the first AGV providers to benefit from this innovative technology and are looking forward to pass the added value to our customers.


In June 2020 we participated in a bootcamp organised by the CyberForum. In the final pitching session we could convince the critical jury of our innovative business model and made into the top three startups of the competetion. Besides learning a lot about our business model we could also extend our network in the field of manufacturing and consulting. 


We are happy to announce that FEAG Sangerhausen GmbH is the winner of our latest christmas sweepstake and has won a free two month trial with Herbie. FEAG will get one of the first vehicles of our new Herbie series that starts in March this year.

Maschinen Markt-MM Maschinen Markt
Maschinen Markt

Journalist Victoria Sonneberg puts our concept in a nutshell and outlines the main aspects of our product in a concise and understandable way.


At the end of 2018 our ZIM project with the Institute for Integrated Production Hannover has been approved. Since then we are working together with ambition on our Plug and Play concept for Herbie. 


On the hardware side we are working together with Gebhardt Fördertechnik. Aiming to start with serial production at the end of 2020, we are currently optimizing and validating our exisiting prototypes.

Herbie bei uns im Office-
Herbie in our office

For testing and demonstration purposes we have two Herbies driving around in our offices. You are welcome to come around and see Herbie in action!