We automate your material flow with automated guided vehicles

The automation of logistics processes is becoming increasingly important. To remain competitive, the implementation of transport automation is essential. Through cost-efficient and intelligent AGV solutions, we offer our customers a simple and resource-efficient entry into the new age of Industry 4.0.

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Configure AGV online - is that possible?

We at Carrybots developed an online configurator that asks for the most important parameters of your application in just a few steps. Your input will then be evaluated by us and you will receive a first rough concept including budget price from us. So you are only a few clicks away from a non-binding budget request.





HERBIE is a driverless transport vehicle for the internal transport of small loads. By focusing on standard applications in the field of logistics and production, we manage to offer cost-efficient solutions with payback periods of less than two years. The modular design of our system allows us to bridge the gap between complex applications and cost-efficient standard solutions.


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