Lean automation at KaVo Dental

Lean automatisieren bei KaVo Dental-

Since the beginning of the year, HERBIE M has been operating with a manual load handling device at dental medicine manufacturer KaVo Dental. At the incoming goods repair parts are delivered and distributed to the respective workstations by HERBIE. By activating a confirmation button on the load handling device, the employee authorizes the onward transportation of the goods to the next workstation.


Thanks to the use of HERBIE, significant efficiency improvements have been achieved. The automated transport solution enables a fast and smooth flow of the repair processes. The time previously required for manual transportation of the parts has been considerably reduced. As a result, employees can now utilize their working time more effectively and focus more on the repair process.



At KaVo Dental, they are pleased with the smooth collaboration with HERBIE and the achieved improvements. The positive feedback from the employees motivates the company to plan and implement further projects in the field of automation. The experiences with HERBIE have demonstrated the potential that lies in combining state-of-the-art technology with employee commitment.