Flexible and Scalable: HERBIE at Schubert GmbH

Kundenanwendung Gerhard Schubert GmbH-

Production automation through AGVs

Schubert GmbH, a leading company in the packaging machinery industry, has equipped its production with two Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) of the HERBIE M type. HERBIE supplies the machines with tools, raw materials, and handles the removal of semi-finished products.

The assignment loading is completely autonomous through the change in load status of the system's conveyor technology. When the transported goods break through the source's light barrier, an order is automatically generated and transferred to the AGV with the destination.


The use of HERBIE has reduced machine downtimes and minimized travel distances for employees. The transported goods are delivered to the specified destination in accordance with the "Just-in-Time" principle.


„With HERBIE, we have found a system that seamlessly and quickly integrated into our current work environment. However, it also allows us to scale further by integrating new vehicles, installing new sources and sinks, or even deciding to have our robots loaded. And that gives us the system flexibility that is crucial for us to be able to comprehensively consider our production and logistics processes in the future.“
- Marcus Schindler, Head of Construction, Gerhardt Schubert GmbH


Schubert GmbH has recognized the advantages of AGV systems and successfully integrated them into its production processes. The use of HERBIE has not only increased efficiency but also contributed to a better working environment by reducing manual material handling and decoupling it from the employees.


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